Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Director's Notes: S3E7

S3E7 "Did She Say That?"

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Heather Ashford

Fiona Dempsey

Jack Guru


Written and Directed by Carly Morrisey

Day One (Script/Casting)
This is the episode where I am reminding the audience that we are returning to the current time in the series. So I decided to string last episode's character Fiona Dempsey coming home after her home invasion with the casual affair that Jack Guru and Heather Ashford are having.

So the script came together featuring Fiona and Jack being interviewed by a popular television host (showing that they are still together and now famous). The dialog between them the host and Fiona's character introduces the past and then we return to wrap up the episode.

Day Two (Set/Location)
For the television show, I had to pull together items on market place. "Late Night with Brea" being the theme of the studio set dressed to make it look very personal to this episode. The dank apartment was the creation of Cïđ Ɓαỹη who designed Rough Love & Violation!

Day Three (The Shoot)
We had a great day shooting although it was tricky to get everybody from different time-zones together. Things will always come up but that's that makes filming this series so fun. I've learned to not always use wind-light if a sim is detailed enough and lag starts to slow down the shoot.

Day Four (The Edit)
In Second Life you can be limited by your animations and so you have to use everything from music to dialog tell your story. I found two public domain songs for each set to help tell the audience where the characters were. This time the dialog really helped tell the story in this episode.


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