Friday, February 17, 2017

Interview with Sindee

In the Revenge series, Sindee plays Sindee Bluthe. I invited Sindee to set to ask her a few questions while we filmed a little Game of Thrones inspired video.We also invited Zepp help out with the interview. Obviously it was all an excuse for me to play Cersei.

We hope that you enjoy...

Carly: How did you fall into Second Life Porn? Confess...
Sindee: Well I was walking around minding my own business one day when a fiendishly kinky woman posted asking for a female co-star for a scene she was shooting. I replied and came down. It turned out to be pretty fun. It was like Alice going down the rabbit hole....except this was a very kinky, naughty...erm...hole

Carly: I heard a rumor.... that you are creative... what do you enjoy doing in the art of Second Life Porn?
Sindee: I do pics sometimes....I'm pretty lazy with it tho coz I only do pics when I'm in the mood. Hence my flickr isn't as active as others. I see it as an excuse to learn more and more photoshop so I often follow tutorials I find online and try to use those techniques into my SL pics. That and exploring naughty ideas of course

Carly: What pushes your red button (That thing that turns you on) when you are doing a photo or a film?
Sindee: hmm....I think if the guy happens to emote something (yes I like when my co-star emotes coz it somehow makes the scene more real and exciting. But yeah if he/she emotes something that I'm really into (without prior knowledge). that can be a real turn on as it means he's into the same things. Do you want me to list a few of such things or shall we keep them a mystery? ;)

Zepp: What is your dream role in Second Life Porn?
Sindee: Hmm....I like playing different roles so there's not really one I can narrow down to. Some I think I'd enjoy tho are like....a action heroine kinda a female James Bond or Lara Croft...that would be pretty cool in terms of plot and visuals. I'd also say that a SL porno version of Mean Girls would be just awesome to do.

Zepp: Have you ever came on a shoot?
Sindee: I have, yes. It's a natural turn on seeing my avi with another person but there's been a few occasion where the sex has gotten especially steamy and I just couldn't resist. Twice in fact on one particular scene ;)

Carly: what do you do when you are not being smut-ting on it up on the SL screen?
Sindee: hmm..I'd say half the time I'm just afk working in another screen lol....Often I'm shopping or dancing at the club where I work. When in the mood I do pics too ofc. Otherwise being a general nuisance and trolling people.

Carly: What kinda Club do you work in?What kinda Club do you work in?
Sindee:  It's an escort/gentlemen's club. It's supposed to be Babygirl themed but really there's no strictness to the theme. It's a fun chilled out place to work. I get to meet new and interesting people (and some total weirdos too ofc).....and explore various naughty rp situations and kinks too ofc.

Zepp: So what is next for you in your Porn Star Career?
Sindee: Hmm...More of the same I suppose at least for now. As far as my own work...I may do more story themed picture series time permitting. As for acting, I'd like to explore different roles but it's hard coz not everyone makes good movies. I like it when there's a story or when it's shot or edited creatively but there's a dearth of good movie producers/directors. Maybe long-term  i may look into making a video myself but that's a very big maybe.

Carly: Is there anybody that you would like to promote? This includes yourself...
Sindee: hmmm...I promote myself to Her Royal Highness, Queen of al........oh not that kind of promotion? k. fine! I'm gonna be making photography poses in the near future. Just waiting for a new laptop and Maitreya hands coz I want to make poses that use the fingers. So watch out for that on my flickr, hopefully soon :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Director's Note: S3E1


Brennaghan Bailey (Jake Brennaghan)

Katysa Norcal (Katysa Brennaghan)

Sєνєяíηα (The Fixer)

Laura Richards (The Fixer a/k/a Agent Laura Richards)

Rachel Avro (Madame President) (Additional Direction)

Sindee (Sindee Bluthe)

Directed by Carly Morrisey and Rachel Avro

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Everything that happens on screen is because of the energy and passion of our amazing cast.

So we open the new episode using the teasers from the last season's finale.

The story follows the question mark left about Madame President (Rachel Avro)'s sex footage taken with Sindee Bluthe (Sindee). One of the best choices I made in the Revenge series was making sure that each episode was nothing more than three minutes long. It forces me to tell a story quickly and to make every moment counts. As with everything we do, we learn new things along the way. In this episode I learned not to tell the entire story in one episode even as tempting as it may be.

In the first scene we see the sassy Fixer duo, Laura and Sev inviting Jake Brennaghan (Brenn) to look at a video on his laptop showing the exploits of Madame President and Sindee Bluthe. The scene took some preparation but the cast really made it come to life. In a split second Sev is giving Jake a little Valentine's day gift while the ever-so-wicked Laura makes an offer to Jake. The quickness shows how intentional those wicked fixers are.

The door knob with a few sound effects breaks up the blowjob that Jake is receiving from Sev just as Laura warns them that somebody is about to enter. Again the quickness and the wickedness is what I wanted to show.

Enter Kaytsa Brennaghan, the wife of Jake. She is standing at the door arms folded and certainly not giving her cards away to her husband's associates. We cut to Jake and Katysa alone and now is the time where we hear from his trophy wife.

Katysa is not so innocent as we see. She shares with the audience that she knows exactly what her husband was up to and also that she is far from innocent herself. Again there are plenty of hints to those college days.

The music is playing a tango all the way through showing that this season will be a dance of dangerous liaisons. As the scene ends with Jake and Katysa we get a flash back fifteen years ago to Madame President's character sitting alone in the university library reading Anais Nin's Little Birds. This is how the first episode of Season Three ends... with the introduction of two periods. The political dramas and the old college days that the cast will share.


Click here to view the in-world book for the first season of Revenge on Secondlife Marketplace

Introducing Season Three

Season Three of Her Revenge also known as Her Ambition takes aim at new lead characters with some similar themes. Revenge and the motivations behind now cover two reoccurring different periods.

This was the inspiration of a few television shows that I have watched recently and certainly is not an original idea. You have the college days where the audience can see the characters and their motivations and situations. We seem them in 'present day' too as part of the political drama that is quickly unfolding.

We hope that you enjoy this new season of wicked plots and reveals.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Director's Note: S2E10 (Season Finale)


Rachel Avro (Madame President) (Additional Direction)

Sindee (Sindee Bluthe)

Zepp Sicling (The Fixer)

Carly Morrisey (The Virus)

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Everything that happens on screen is because of the energy and passion of our amazing cast.

The last episode shun a bright spotlight on Laura Richards as the Fixer. The camera swooshes with quick focus to Rachel Avro a/k/a "Madame President". 

The story has already spread open to Season 3 with so many things already in production but it took some self restraint on my part to reel it in and keep it simple. My suggestion to story-tellers is that  you can get lost in the detail of a beautiful story.

One of my close friends always wondered when I would do a happy ending. I give this to her. For my character she has fought her demons and found love but the consequence isn't over. Rachel's character as Madame President is getting lost this hunger and is about to explore these edges both past and present.

Sindee Bluthe is confronted with Madame President as if she is the prey of a toying cat. Originally, this scene was supposed to involve secret service men and the kidnapper but I went for something far more intimate.

The laptop becomes the hinge for Rachel's character to put pressure on Sindee. Now off the record, this is one of the sexiest scenes that I filmed. I always go with the energy of my cast and I may have stirred things up between the stars to get that right mix but it paid off. As you will see from this finale episode they were both ready to act with passion.

With Laura Richards (a/k/a "The Fixer") already on the audience's mind from Episode 9, I simply used her name for secret spy footage to add to the tease of the next season. Season One's finale was dramatic and a suggestion of an ultimate ending but this Finale is all about what happens next.

The music was instinctual... My character's with sexy Zepp holding me was almost the scene of the Queen is dead. Zepp is a true tease to film. He is in this episode for less than ten seconds but Zepp does so much. Then the story moves to feelings of love. I cast Hana my close friend as the hot sexy beach bum. There was no sex but there was an on screen chemistry from our drama days.

The picks on music (all public domain) were very much telling a story of Sindee's character. The flute is sparse because she is no longer confident that she can get herself out of any situation. With Rachel's wild temper that is hinted at in Episode 9 I am showing a potential danger with and between them both past and present.

Now if you noticed from the dialogue of the last episode... we are adding two time-frames to the next Season Three. The characters when they were in college... and when they attained their power and weaknesses.

I want our audience to be familiar with each character from the first Episode to the current. That way you get to know them personally on screen. Because for me that is truly sexy!


Click here to view the in-world book for the first season of Revenge on Secondlife Marketplace