Friday, April 28, 2017

Director's Notes: S3E6

S3E6 "Knock Knock..."

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Fiona Dempsey

Zepp Sicling

Carly Morrisey (Jane Sicling)

Written and Directed by Carly Morrisey 

Day One: Storyline
Before day one I toyed with the idea of Sindee and Professor Zepp's story-line. But what made it come to life was when their story crossed paths with the last episode. So what we have is Zepp's wife (played by me) receiving a warm dish of revenge from the Punk Grrls Gone Wild exploitation video. The dish of revenge is served by our latest new-comer to the cast Fiona Dempsey.

Day Two: Looks/Wardrobe
So after going through a few ideas on the story we can work on the cast's looks. Zepp and my character have it easy... we are that comfy couple at home. The real contrast is with Sindee and Fiona's looks. Punk yes... but with a little naughty too.

Day Three: Set and Animations
Now the cast are ready its time to work on a convincing set. From the story I picked Sindee's future home from Episodes S2E7 and S2E8. Zepp helped me work on an amazing photo prop (our wedding portrait) that hangs over the fireplace of the house. I find myself tripping over pose-balls constantly!

Day Four: The Shoot
Last night we all set the time for the cast to shoot. Talk about international collaboration. We have two Californians, one New Yorker and an European.

The shoot goes off without any hitches! Again, Sindee, Zepp and now Fiona are such professionals on set. It was filled with lots of laughs as we worked on each scenes in detail that I know will come out in the final video.

Day Five: Final Edit
The shoot had gone so well that there was so much video to edit down into a juicy bundle. My friend Barbie Pomilio had earlier sent me a link to a scene that reminded me of what I'm trying to do. So the music I added was a Clockwork'y theme.

That's it folks!

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