Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Director's Note: S3E1


Brennaghan Bailey (Jake Brennaghan)

Katysa Norcal (Katysa Brennaghan)

Sєνєяíηα (The Fixer)

Laura Richards (The Fixer a/k/a Agent Laura Richards)

Rachel Avro (Madame President) (Additional Direction)

Sindee (Sindee Bluthe)

Directed by Carly Morrisey and Rachel Avro

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Everything that happens on screen is because of the energy and passion of our amazing cast.

So we open the new episode using the teasers from the last season's finale.

The story follows the question mark left about Madame President (Rachel Avro)'s sex footage taken with Sindee Bluthe (Sindee). One of the best choices I made in the Revenge series was making sure that each episode was nothing more than three minutes long. It forces me to tell a story quickly and to make every moment counts. As with everything we do, we learn new things along the way. In this episode I learned not to tell the entire story in one episode even as tempting as it may be.

In the first scene we see the sassy Fixer duo, Laura and Sev inviting Jake Brennaghan (Brenn) to look at a video on his laptop showing the exploits of Madame President and Sindee Bluthe. The scene took some preparation but the cast really made it come to life. In a split second Sev is giving Jake a little Valentine's day gift while the ever-so-wicked Laura makes an offer to Jake. The quickness shows how intentional those wicked fixers are.

The door knob with a few sound effects breaks up the blowjob that Jake is receiving from Sev just as Laura warns them that somebody is about to enter. Again the quickness and the wickedness is what I wanted to show.

Enter Kaytsa Brennaghan, the wife of Jake. She is standing at the door arms folded and certainly not giving her cards away to her husband's associates. We cut to Jake and Katysa alone and now is the time where we hear from his trophy wife.

Katysa is not so innocent as we see. She shares with the audience that she knows exactly what her husband was up to and also that she is far from innocent herself. Again there are plenty of hints to those college days.

The music is playing a tango all the way through showing that this season will be a dance of dangerous liaisons. As the scene ends with Jake and Katysa we get a flash back fifteen years ago to Madame President's character sitting alone in the university library reading Anais Nin's Little Birds. This is how the first episode of Season Three ends... with the introduction of two periods. The political dramas and the old college days that the cast will share.


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