Friday, February 17, 2017

Interview with Sindee

In the Revenge series, Sindee plays Sindee Bluthe. I invited Sindee to set to ask her a few questions while we filmed a little Game of Thrones inspired video.We also invited Zepp help out with the interview. Obviously it was all an excuse for me to play Cersei.

We hope that you enjoy...

Carly: How did you fall into Second Life Porn? Confess...
Sindee: Well I was walking around minding my own business one day when a fiendishly kinky woman posted asking for a female co-star for a scene she was shooting. I replied and came down. It turned out to be pretty fun. It was like Alice going down the rabbit hole....except this was a very kinky, naughty...erm...hole

Carly: I heard a rumor.... that you are creative... what do you enjoy doing in the art of Second Life Porn?
Sindee: I do pics sometimes....I'm pretty lazy with it tho coz I only do pics when I'm in the mood. Hence my flickr isn't as active as others. I see it as an excuse to learn more and more photoshop so I often follow tutorials I find online and try to use those techniques into my SL pics. That and exploring naughty ideas of course

Carly: What pushes your red button (That thing that turns you on) when you are doing a photo or a film?
Sindee: hmm....I think if the guy happens to emote something (yes I like when my co-star emotes coz it somehow makes the scene more real and exciting. But yeah if he/she emotes something that I'm really into (without prior knowledge). that can be a real turn on as it means he's into the same things. Do you want me to list a few of such things or shall we keep them a mystery? ;)

Zepp: What is your dream role in Second Life Porn?
Sindee: Hmm....I like playing different roles so there's not really one I can narrow down to. Some I think I'd enjoy tho are like....a action heroine kinda a female James Bond or Lara Croft...that would be pretty cool in terms of plot and visuals. I'd also say that a SL porno version of Mean Girls would be just awesome to do.

Zepp: Have you ever came on a shoot?
Sindee: I have, yes. It's a natural turn on seeing my avi with another person but there's been a few occasion where the sex has gotten especially steamy and I just couldn't resist. Twice in fact on one particular scene ;)

Carly: what do you do when you are not being smut-ting on it up on the SL screen?
Sindee: hmm..I'd say half the time I'm just afk working in another screen lol....Often I'm shopping or dancing at the club where I work. When in the mood I do pics too ofc. Otherwise being a general nuisance and trolling people.

Carly: What kinda Club do you work in?What kinda Club do you work in?
Sindee:  It's an escort/gentlemen's club. It's supposed to be Babygirl themed but really there's no strictness to the theme. It's a fun chilled out place to work. I get to meet new and interesting people (and some total weirdos too ofc).....and explore various naughty rp situations and kinks too ofc.

Zepp: So what is next for you in your Porn Star Career?
Sindee: Hmm...More of the same I suppose at least for now. As far as my own work...I may do more story themed picture series time permitting. As for acting, I'd like to explore different roles but it's hard coz not everyone makes good movies. I like it when there's a story or when it's shot or edited creatively but there's a dearth of good movie producers/directors. Maybe long-term  i may look into making a video myself but that's a very big maybe.

Carly: Is there anybody that you would like to promote? This includes yourself...
Sindee: hmmm...I promote myself to Her Royal Highness, Queen of al........oh not that kind of promotion? k. fine! I'm gonna be making photography poses in the near future. Just waiting for a new laptop and Maitreya hands coz I want to make poses that use the fingers. So watch out for that on my flickr, hopefully soon :)

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