Thursday, February 2, 2017

Director's Note: S2E10 (Season Finale)


Rachel Avro (Madame President) (Additional Direction)

Sindee (Sindee Bluthe)

Zepp Sicling (The Fixer)

Carly Morrisey (The Virus)

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Everything that happens on screen is because of the energy and passion of our amazing cast.

The last episode shun a bright spotlight on Laura Richards as the Fixer. The camera swooshes with quick focus to Rachel Avro a/k/a "Madame President". 

The story has already spread open to Season 3 with so many things already in production but it took some self restraint on my part to reel it in and keep it simple. My suggestion to story-tellers is that  you can get lost in the detail of a beautiful story.

One of my close friends always wondered when I would do a happy ending. I give this to her. For my character she has fought her demons and found love but the consequence isn't over. Rachel's character as Madame President is getting lost this hunger and is about to explore these edges both past and present.

Sindee Bluthe is confronted with Madame President as if she is the prey of a toying cat. Originally, this scene was supposed to involve secret service men and the kidnapper but I went for something far more intimate.

The laptop becomes the hinge for Rachel's character to put pressure on Sindee. Now off the record, this is one of the sexiest scenes that I filmed. I always go with the energy of my cast and I may have stirred things up between the stars to get that right mix but it paid off. As you will see from this finale episode they were both ready to act with passion.

With Laura Richards (a/k/a "The Fixer") already on the audience's mind from Episode 9, I simply used her name for secret spy footage to add to the tease of the next season. Season One's finale was dramatic and a suggestion of an ultimate ending but this Finale is all about what happens next.

The music was instinctual... My character's with sexy Zepp holding me was almost the scene of the Queen is dead. Zepp is a true tease to film. He is in this episode for less than ten seconds but Zepp does so much. Then the story moves to feelings of love. I cast Hana my close friend as the hot sexy beach bum. There was no sex but there was an on screen chemistry from our drama days.

The picks on music (all public domain) were very much telling a story of Sindee's character. The flute is sparse because she is no longer confident that she can get herself out of any situation. With Rachel's wild temper that is hinted at in Episode 9 I am showing a potential danger with and between them both past and present.

Now if you noticed from the dialogue of the last episode... we are adding two time-frames to the next Season Three. The characters when they were in college... and when they attained their power and weaknesses.

I want our audience to be familiar with each character from the first Episode to the current. That way you get to know them personally on screen. Because for me that is truly sexy!


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