Thursday, April 20, 2017

Director's Notes: S3E5

S3E5 "Selling Out"

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Katina Cazalet

Fiona Dempsey

Monique LeFry

Carly Morrisey (Jane Sicling)

Written and Directed by Carly Morrisey 

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

So... I've decided to do the Director's Notes blogs in a little bit of a different way. Rather than post when I've finished the episode I'm going to share with you what is going on just as we film.

Days One and Two: Casting and Script
So for this episode I am showing that the university was full of different cliques. We have the sorority girls, we have the debate team but now we show you the punk rockers. I picked a band rehearsal scene with three punk rockers. After they finish their song they talk about their opportunity with the sinister Jane Sicling (a/k/a me playing the character of Zepp Sicling's wife for the next show). We learn that Jane is a talent scout that has propositioned the girls to make a sex video that she will film to cause a 'splash'. They agree hoping that this will give them instant fame. After they are filmed, Jane leaves and but the girls feel duped by her because they get nothing in return.

Right now we have the featured cast confirmed. Its been several weeks in the making with other shoots scheduled but now this is taking shape.

Day Three: Dressing the Set
When I log into SL home, I'm literally living on a set. Right now my home is a dank basement with a drum set in the middle and lots of speakers. In a way having the set as my home gives me the chance to stay in role and make little changes to the set before we actually shoot.

Day Four: Shoot Day
So I hear from Monique and Katina but one of our cast members still isn't available. It just so happens that I had someone in mind that could be perfect for the role. She's a new-comer and hadn't modeled in a video. So in the space of thirty minutes Fiona Dempsey learns her shoot script and finds a perfect look. Talk about making a debut in SL Porn!

The shoot goes off perfectly. Even with clumsy threesome poses we manage to get some amazing angles. With all this going on and one the last scene my computer decides to go on strike and I end up crashing!!! But the good news I was able to catch almost everything.

Day Five: Editing
So its time to edit all of what was shot and I really have no idea how to make clips of the gals look like they are actually performing a song. But when I added the music it started to come together (of course!)

To make the girls seem more like a band I used a multi screen effect that showed their best assets (Monique's butt will thank me). The other piece of music that I picked was a very 90s grungy background that totally worked better than I expected. It made the edits of Jane's character exploiting the band far more seedy and gritty.

Hopefully everybody will enjoy it but for me I'm proud of this one because it ain't easy filming threesomes and making them look raw.


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