Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Director's Notes: S3E4



Heather Ashford (Katysa Ashford)

Jack Guru

Jake Raven

Support Cast

Carly Morrisey

Directed by Carly Morrisey 

Set design by Danielle Stead

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Episode 3 of Season 4 was very fun to do and surprisingly easy. We take Katysa from Episode One in her college days (a/k/a Heather Ashford ten years earlier) and Jake is there to bask in his glory of winning the debate from the last episode.

The music was a challenging thing. I edited it entirely with a little bird on my shoulder asking me, "What are we going to do to break up the scene?" I wish I could use whats on the radio but there is plenty of perfect music in the public domain that fits any scene. For this I wanted to show that in spite of all of the treachery, Jake and Katsya are still college sweethearts. But... the quick shot of the lipstick on Jake's abs says it all.

So as Heather's character clings to Jake and they talk to each other... we see that things aren't so perfect in their world. Oh please this series is Revenge!

There is a little play on the word 'late' because Heather comes from a family where if she is officially late then she will have to be sure that her future husband is candidate material.

The dialog is full of undertones of jealousy and race as Jake doesn't like Jack which makes Heather's little trip to the wrong side of town all the more exciting. Again the music changes because, as she steps out of her sports car, she is another woman. She's dressed differently. Her makeup is how Jake or her family wouldn't approve of. But Jack greets her in just a shirt and nothing else. Jake's character is trying to impress her and yet Jack simply is nonchalant about the whole affair.

Heather and Jack have more than a tryst..  we see that they are lovers. As a checker board girl.. I kinda like to have my interracial erotic moments to be more than blonde meets bull. So this episode establishes a relationship that will spill messy in the the rest of the Revengeverse. The sex scene between Heather and Jack was very fluid. Again its so wonderful to work with stars that know exactly what to do at the right moment. Instead of moving to every shot we let the dialog between the characters set the mood.

I hope you all enjoy.


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