Sunday, January 29, 2017

Director's Note: S2E9


(Best Viewed in HD)


Laura Richards: (The Fixer)

Severina (The Fixer)
Rachel Avro (Madame President)

Also featuring,

Zepp Sicling (The Fixer)

Malone Mayday

Katina Cazalet

XXSindeeXX: (Sindee Bluth)

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Casting and scheduling finally worked out for Episode 9. When you work with amazing cast it becomes an issue of patience and timing.

The story in EP9 intends to be the main theme. I know we are here to do porn but sometimes a sexy story can be just as fun. I thank the cast for understanding this especially! The music I found for this was a public domain marching band piece that reminds me of something out of a classic movie. It had the bombastic highs and lows that lent space to the story.

So first of all we "Meet the Fixers"... Enter Laura Richards and Severina (making their Revenge debut) and of course Zepp. As they step out from the helicopter I couldn't resist having them posing in a menacing fashion. What I discovered is that helicopters take up a lot of prims just for a show prop and so just the exterior of Sindee's house was used.

There is so much to tell the audience by the time that the Fixers get out of the helicopter that I used Laura's briefing to Madame President as a narration tool. This is how we find that Sindee is missing or in hiding with a mysterious third "suspect" while Malone and Katina are being arrested. Poor Kat, she really does a lot of jail time in this series.

So back to the Fixers... Zepp is in his sexy black suit and sunglasses while Laura and Severina dressed as if they had been playing tennis. Laura and Severina's characters evidently have been interrupted from their game by Madame President, Rachel Avro to "Fix" the situation with Sindee Bluthe.

Madame President was created as an anesthetic for the real life world of politics but also Rachel and her Fixers are a tease to the next season. Rachel's character is introduced yelling at Laura on her presidential phone. As Laura responds about Sindee's laptop we detect her disdain towards Madame President.

When Laura and Severina continue their game of tennis we get to learn more about their dynamics with madame president.  We learn that they knew her in college. We know that Laura is plotting against her and that both her and Severina have a past with Rachel.

Also with the reference of agent Zepp we learn that something will happen to Sindee and The Virus. This set up leads to the finale of this second season.

When shooting this episode I had the pleasure to get to know Laura Richards who produces a dance troupe, Debauche. What her and partner Geordie do with in-world settings and effects and choreography is truly amazing. So please contact her in-world if you would like to go to a show. I'm an instant fan and will have more to share with you all on this soon.



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