Thursday, January 12, 2017

Director's Notes: S2E8

(Best Viewed in HD)


Malone MayDay: The Ex-boyfriend a/k/a the Club-owner

XXSindeeXX: (Sindee Bluth)

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

This episode is had to be split in to due to scheduling, but the pay off is that its going to far more exciting.

For two weeks I have plotted out a scene for a home invasion of Sindee Bluth. I later learned that the narration is what helps you when you can't get your stars on set at the same time.

So we have the beautiful Malone and Sindee on set and they have a lot of screen chemistry in the Finale of Season One. The fact that they had a one-to-one scene is actually a hidden blessing. They were both so fun to work with on this episode and they really enjoyed their characters.

Sindee is an amazing actress! From costume to expression to the smaller details that sometimes barely make it into the final cut she is a true professional. Malone is a bad boy and so its the perfect match. When animations don't work perfectly they still kept it exciting and beautiful to film.

In this episode I wanted to show that Sindee isn't simply being taken advantage of. Her resistance continues for the entire episode. Also there are off screen characters that will come into play later.

The third star is some public domain music that reminded me of Episode 7 which allowed the narration to work. It starts and ends with Sindee hanging in front of Malone but that won't mean that the timeline of Episode 8 won't feature in the next.

I hope you enjoy

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