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Interview with Katina Cazalet

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I invited Katina Cazalet to my multi-scene rental to talk about the finer things in Second Life.

Half way through shooting the video I realized that this interview was far more powerful than any video that I could film or edit. With that in mind.... and if you haven't already.... meet Katina...

Carly: What made you get into the Second Life Porn Scene and how long ago was this? 
Katina Cazalet: I am guilty by association. A friend of mine started doing porn vids to promote their club and just out of enjoyment. And showed me a blog that was covering it. I was pretty much over with SL at that point, but reading about those movies on the blog got me interested. Little by little it became my new point of interest for SL. It was around 5 years ago. It just seemed something fun, and when I started going to the parties the whole scene around it was new and refreshing to me.

Carly: So what made it refreshing compared to that point where you were 'over it'? 
Katina Cazalet: Two reasons: one was purely personal, a relationship that ended and a feel of 'loss' and lack of motivation to stick around. I needed something different, new friends, new people. In that sense it was a big change of air. The other reason is that I have always been a rather sexual person in SL and loved photos, especially fun and strange ones, but I never really knew of any community of artists or anything. The Sexiest Porn stars group was to me a place that catered to both these aspects.

Carly: How did Beaver's Digest begin? 

Katina Cazalet: I have to thank Isabelle Cheviot (Dogstar Productions) for that. She has done a wonderful job with her blog, organizing a lot of new photo-shoots every week, interviews etc , on top of her own movies. I was 'reviewing' movies, magazine and art exhibitions for the Sexiest blog in the past, but I hadn't done it for a few months. Isa came up with the idea to make a post that would 'sum up' weekly or so the most relevant releases in the adult scene. I enjoyed it and gave my availability to run it.

Carly: How (pause and repeat). How the hell do you manage to keep up with everything that is going on in the scene? 
Katina Cazalet: I don't! I am pretty sure I miss a lot of stuff. But all I do is just putting some time and effort into it, really. Anyone could do the same job I do, they just have to peruse the notice history of the porn groups (Racheal Rexen does a fantastic job daily with the *SL Porn* blog ). It is just time consuming, especially trying to feature those magazines that are available only at certain sims, or movies not promoted through the groups and that reach me just by word of mouth of searching the latest uploads on NaughtyMachinima.

Katina Cazalet:
[feel free to edit anything out really ]  
Carly's afterthought...  I had to mention her [] message to me because this shows how awesome Kat is.

Carly: You have starred in many films.. what is your funniest experience? 
Katina Cazalet: I knew I should have prepared some funny anecdote! I'd say when I starred in Dillon's "The Jungle" sexiest role to date for sure. I'd love to reprise that role! If you want me to explain the 'joke'... in that movie I am the person in the Predator avi, lol.)

Carly: Predator? you have to explain! 
Katina Cazalet: Predator the movie with Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura etc, lol. Wow two former governors. I wonder if I should run for office some day.

Carly: What office are you running for now!?
Katina Cazalet: Secretary of Treasury, and them make off with the cash .-)

Carly:  Okay Secretary of Treasure... in the Revenge Series your character has a few ups and downs .. what would you want for her in an ideal world? 
Katina Cazalet: You know, that little farm we got a glimpse of in one of the episodes, seems quite a nice place to settle in...And bury some corpse in should trouble follow me :-)

Carly: What do you see as the major changes from five years ago when it comes to SL Porn? 
Katina Cazalet: The obvious part is, compare how 'good' avis look now with everything mesh and how it looked 5 years ago with system feet and flexi hair. Everything is much easier for photographers and filmmakers. Although, there are many more photographers in the scene compared to filmmakers, and the filmmakers are less productive as a whole. In the past, it was common for directors to boast movies in triple digits. Not all of that was legit maybe but there was more activity and very grassroots. I think the scene grew and matured, but I think it would be great if  more importance was given to movies. Flickr played a big role in that, but in general it is much easier to make and share a picture compared to a movie, so this shift was bound to happen anyway.

Carly:  So what is your stance on drama in porn. Are they compatible? 
Katina Cazalet: Don't know. Is 'drama' compatible with anything in general? Sometimes we are quick to call 'drama' legitimate feelings people have. In general, I don't like public showings of private affairs and I hope people can be mature enough to not air their problems in a way that makes others feel uncomfortable.

Carly: Have you been on the receiving end of drama in the scene? being a very popular figure   
Katina Cazalet: The most common drama that comes at me for my 'role' is about people feeling underappreciated. And I can relate to that, I heard it so many times and I really feel sorry about it. SL is a great place but it's hard to look at 'recognition' from a community. that is very specific without linking it to be 'in' or 'out' of some clique. It is not quite like that, but it is how many perceive it, and if their motivation is not deeply rooted in passion for the 'art' , they get discouraged.

Carly: What advice can you give porn stars and filmmakers that are new to the scene? 
Katina Cazalet: Have fun. Do it because it is something you like doing. Don't expect 'success' or even less , money. You can get all the help you need from others, all the technical tips, support too, but only you can deal with staying motivated.

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