Friday, December 30, 2016

Interview with Zepp Sicling

The set featured in this video interview with Zepp is available on Second Life's Market Place. A percentage of all sales will be shared with Zepp because we value his time. Click here to find out more.


Zepp Sicling made his debut in the opening credits of Her Revenge Episode 10 (Season Finale) and I knew that I wanted to see more of him in the series.

By Episode 6 of Revenge Reborn we get a proper introduction as the sexy and mature news anchor for a morning television show.

As you can tell I like to interview the cast in very unique settings and what better place that on a little boat... after all if you check out his Flickr account he is a sailor after all.

Carly: I perved through the pages of your Flickr account and noticed that you used to have a full head of hair? So... what was it that made you lose your hair? Was it Porn?  
Zepp: Haha, Yes I did have hair. I was looking for a new skin, the label said "No user data will be lost during upgrade" - Now look at me!? User hair completely lost! And wrinkles added!

Carly: If you had one day left in Second Life what would you do with it?
Zepp: Maybe spend some time with a girl I love very much, my best friend Diana. Or a real hot porn shoot!

Carly: What is your most memorable video shoot?
Zepp: My first one was real hot.. I had a very sexy costar and the director was awesome. 

Carly: Have you ever role-played on set?
Zepp: I try to be professional but yes. If the chemistry is good anything can happen. Sometimes it is just meant to be playing involved, other times just the posing is perfect.

Carly:Whats the least enjoyable part of doing Second Life Porn for you?
Zepp: Nothing so far. I enjoy every minute!

Carly: What does Second Life Porn mean to you? Do you have any future ambitions?
Zepp: Doing porn is real fun and sexy. I take it as it comes and hopefully I did some more videos and acted with different people. Doing more work as a model for other photographers would be nice as well :) I have no intention doing my own videos but i probably will keep my Flickr going.  :)

Carly: What do you do when you are not being a Porn Stud?
Zepp: I do like to hang at some nice beach, preferably a nude one :) I must agree i enjoy both being naked and also perv others. I also like doing pics for my Flickr or modeling for someone else's. Sometimes I go to a club and shake my ass!

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