Friday, March 3, 2017

Interview with Director Carly J

I would like to thank my impromtu cast for this interview. Brennaghan Bailey (the interviewer), Hannah Aunerfal and Fiona Dempsey. Also Cïđ Ɓαỹη of Rough Love and Violation who has helped me so much with his sordid sim as a location.


Brennaghan: What exactly got you interested in directing porn?
Carly: There are two answers to this question. First is that my friend Jezzi Mornington and her partner Rachel Raxen have been in SL Porn for some time before I even got curious. I heard of award shows and shoots and gradually became interested even though my photographic 'talent' isn't the best, I figured I'll give it a try. Jezzi (I hope she doesn't mind me saying this) is an absolute voyeur and so I always asked her about her take on the scene. The second answer goes down to me being a terrible Drama Queen. Yes this is Drama therapy for me! The moment that I'm not fixated on making something that stirs me, I'm horrid to be around.

Brennaghan: Why behind the camera Carly? 
Carly: I feel like a newbie compared to the stars with their fancy Bento stuff... besides I would crash every two minutes if I was to film and star. More seriously... the less time I spend in front of the camera the more time I can devote to telling a story that involves some of the sexiest SL Pornstars around.

Brennaghan: I know you love working with a big cast of characters, not asking you to name names, but describe what would be your dream talent to work with?
Carly: I love working with all of the cast. Everybody brings something to their role. From the first episode all the way til now its that shared creativity in enjoying erotica and more importantly sharing it with each other. All this to say, I am already working with my dream cast. Everybody is so different and has something to add. Besides if you ever do work with me you will know that I'm very picky on the look and energy that you bring to any part of the story.

Brennaghan: I know some actors tend to really get into a scene at times, ever get so turned on that you wanted to just say fuck it and join in? If so, how did you handle it?
Carly: Two words... Orgasm Denial! Its part of the thrill to do something that is so sexual but at the same time have to be focused enough to not just jump in and enjoy. Have I touched myself while filming? Hopefully that comes out when you see what I post. Its very fun to form dirty crushes on the cast and even those whom help me with sets and scripts.

Brennaghan: You have filmed your fair share of hot scenes Carly. What has been your favorite, or what scene would you most love to be able to film?
Carly: The funny thing about that question is that every time I film something I think that is my ideal and favorite fantasy until days later when I discover something new. All I know is that the ideal scene will be filled with lots of tension and chemistry with the stars. That moment when you watch it and wonder what they are doing off screen.

Brennaghan: I know for a fact that everyone i have talked to who has worked with you just loves the experience, why do you think that is?
Carly: I have no idea! LOL! I like to tell myself that its because I value their time and effort in doing what they do so well but what if it all comes down ruthless ambition? I think it has more to do with enjoying the process of making something together and seeing the results.

Brennaghan: Do you ever find the job tedious? What do you like to do on your down time?
Carly: This question is going to be my downfall. Without filming I am a horrid drama queen. I channel all of my emotions into story and feeling and the expression of emotion in those moments. So when I film I am lost in the enjoyment and when I'm not... I'm a horrid trouble maker. Whether its looking for a typewriter for a scene or editing 10 minutes of rawr footage to make it a 3 minute bonbon... its never tedious.

Brennaghan: You are known for your The Revenge Series, how do you come up with your story lines, I mean you have some pretty crazy plot twists?
Carly: Its like dancing with somebody who pulls and twists you around faster than you first expect. One moment you are just about to kiss them and they are holding you tenderly. The next... you are being spun around and you worry if you can stay on your feet. Of course there are times when I'm trying to make the story carry on in a way that the audience can personally enjoy.

Brennaghan: Ok, we are dying for some inside do you see the series developing in the next few seasons?
Carly: I have a question for you Mister Reporter... If I'm going to seduce my audience... would I give too much away?

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