Friday, March 10, 2017

Director's Note: S3E2


Sindee (Sindee Bluthe)

Zepp Sicling (The Professor)

Directed by Carly Morrisey 

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Episode 2 opens flashing back to Sindee's days in university. The music may sound familiar to those following the series because its the same from the first season's finale. I chose the same music because this was each Sindee and Zepp's debut in the Revenge series.

So we open the new episode in Professor Zepp's office. It was fun to find a few props that suggested a different period without it looking too dated. The story continues with Sindee seeking an interview with Zepp. Since it was an interview I wanted more dialog I used little picture icons of the stars to make sure that the audience could follow the conversation.

The first part of this scene involves Sindee attempting to seduce Zepp into hiring her for research assistant. I wanted to do this with a cheeky tease from Sindee and so (and inspired by a famous 80's movie) I had Sindee communicate by something written on her eye lids. The flirtation continues even though Sindee is told that the position is filled.

The flirtations lead to Zepp challenging Sindee to solve a math formula as she bends over his desk. This is where things become raunchier and we also see more of Sindee's character. She isn't shocked. She continues to try to work out the formula knowing that if she does she will have the research position.

The blowjob scene is just a few seconds but this is were we see that Professor Zepp is more interested in exploiting her perceived innocence and interest in solving the math formula... all while dangling his intellect over her.

Most of the sex happens on his office chair and both stars completely shine. What makes Sindee and Zepp truly special as porn stars is that they truly get into their roles. They are always attentive and listen and know exactly where we are in the script. This made every sexy angle shot so fun to film.

The dialog between Sindee and Zepp keeps building to the solution of this math formula... and when she tells him he has no choice but to cum. Yes, talk about nerd porn.  

The scene ends with the Sindee Bluthe we all know. She assumes that the research position is hers as she gets dressed leaving Zepp in a hot sticky mess.


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