Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Director's Notes: S3E3


Rachel Avro


Laura Richards

Jake Raven (Jake Brennaghan)

Support Cast

Sindee (Sindee Bluthe)

Monique Lefry


Delilah Serpente

Remy Gervasi

Directed by Carly Morrisey 

Set design by Danielle Stead

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

Episode 3 of Season 3 finds us awkwardly watching Severina leaning against the girl’s room stall as Rachel Avro (The President in the current period) on her knees between Laura Richards’ thighs. The dialog moves quickly. Both Severina and Laura are telling Rachel what she must do for her debate team performance. The scene ends with the vibrator on the sink of the toilets. 

What I love about the cast is that everybody brings their SL acting to their roles. It is their look, what we talk about on set and most of all its that pixel energy! Severina was perfect as the narrator through her conversations and her leaning nonchalantly just drove this scene. Laura and Rachel of course were having a lot of fun method acting!

The next scene introduces Jake Brennaghan in his college days. His younger character was done so well by Jake Raven. Hey… at least they both share the character’s name! The scene starts off with a fiery debate that we have allude to since the last episode. Rachel Avro is a very glamorous star in her own right but for this we worked hard on toning her down and making her seem very plain. In the first scene, you could barely see her and in this one you see her humiliated with the ‘ole-remote-control-vibrator-at-debate-trick’. 

Then there is the audience that we shot of another date. The entire support cast made it feel like we were watching a debate and the banter was very funny! It did feel like we were all students stuck in a room.
As Jake wins the debate because of Rachel’s speechless state (all thanks to Laura) we move to the final sex scene. We return to the toilets that Severina, Rachel and Laura were originally in. This time Jake is there victorious in winning his debate and Rachel can be assumed to be hiding away from the rest of the students in the library. 

Laura and Jake are amazing stars because they make the scenes come to life using everything that SL gives us. Severina is the cherry on top of the scene and became the narrator for the rest of the episode by showing that Jake has a girlfriend and that he is willing to do a deal with the wicked duo

Musically, I chose two different themes. The restroom scenes are done in with a uber cheesy 1950’s sound to make the dialog just a little more ironic. I found a public domain song that to me at least conjured the image a bullfight in Spain. This had to be the debate scene. I was simply lucky that the remote control “On” scene fell neatly into it. 

This episode leaves a few lose ends with the plot. What happened to Rachel after losing the debate? Will Katysa discover what Jake had been up to with Laura? And why was Severina dressed like a political fixer???  Stay tuned!


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