Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Director's Notes: S1E10


Malone MayDay: The Ex-boyfriend a/k/a the Club-owner
Katina Cazalet: Blonde with an Attitude
Charles Claynan: The Dirty Cop
Racheal Rexen: (The Wife's Friend)
Jezzi Mornington: (The Wife)
XXSindeeXX: (Blonde in Threesome at Party with Ex-Boyfriend)
Larah Sa'fir: (Red head in Threesome at Party with Ex-Boyfriend)
Sofia LaFontaine: (Opening Credits Guest)
Zepp Sicling: (Opening Credits Guest)

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers***

The season finale of Her Revenge was my most ambitious production when it came to bringing the cast together with new additions. The original Wife (Jezzi) from Episode One features in texting dialog with mine. We shot three sex scenes for this episode knowing that it would need to be edited down to around three minutes.

The opening credits was Sofia and Zepp giving the illusion of an art party turned sex party. Next we have an elevator sex scene with myself (playing a random blonde) and Charles. The main sex scene was Malone, Larah and Sindee appearing as guests that entangle in a spontaneous threesome.

All the while there is a text dialog going on between my character and the Wife while she waits with her friend played by Racheal Rexen. Katina, dressed perfectly for her role, is standing by herself anguished. However being the hostess for this party my dialog continues until its abruptly ended by the gunshot as Katina shoots me.

This was a very challenging episode to shoot and so every way I could - I tried to make it seem like a simple room in second life was actually an art show with guests. The music was picked for the typical art gallery scene and the opening credits were shot as if Zepp and Sofia were actual guests in the room.

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