Sunday, December 25, 2016

Director's Notes: S2E7


Sindee: Sindee Bluthe
Brennaghan Bailey: Ms Bluthe's Loyal Bodyguard

Episode Development:

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

The opening scene after the title credits is an advert for Vali'O. This sets the new norm. The general public are horny but need at least two hours to not get completely lost.

Its a total SL parallel in my mind but I wanted to take it further with the first official "naming" of a character. Sindee Bluthe.... yes very arrested development.

Brenn was perfect'O as her newly appointed bodyguard. For me this is where Sindee's character blossoms. She's bite-able as her narration dares the audience to hate her or love her at the same time.

Brenn was an amazing bodyguard but we all know that the spotlight is shining hot on Sindee's character now.

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