Saturday, December 24, 2016

Director's Notes: S2E3


Sindee: The Head Doctor of the "Institute"
Remy Gervasi: The Doctor
Carly Morrisey (Me): Patient Zero

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers***

The new star of this episode is the music. Its a very retro medical/sci-fi theme that was perfect for what I was going for.

The opening credits were my eyes staring up into the camera. It was a hint that this episode was going to focus on what my Patient Zero was up to.

Using the same "testimonies" of hospital workers this time we have Remy recounting his experience with Patient Zero. I wanted Remy to be dressed as if he considered his job to be important. Less of the Bombchicawow Doctor. He pulled this off effortlessly.

So after conducting his routine check up on me things become surreal. Which is exactly what is needed to really communicate the sexual mind control of my character. I thought long and hard about how to do this. In the end I decided that prim words (added over using green screen) was the best effect. So my character's eyes are staring at the audience as the words zoom in and out showing what poor Remy had to go through with me.

Then we cut to very quick edits and transitions of Remy taking my character in every position. One of the things that I enjoyed with this style is to have my character look into the character to bring it home. I tried this in Season One Episode Two with Malone.

After the words "I'll Call On You" appear over my sedated or satiated body on the hospital bed... it starts a reoccurring message and hints to what my character told Brenn in Episode Two of this season.

The real twist comes from what Sindee's character does in her interview with Remy. Its almost like an oral interrogation. Remy being so facially expressive it was perfectly captured. Meanwhile the sinister side of Sindee's character begins to add up.

And then the final scene is my character in the "Safety Room" tied up but serenely sedated.

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