Saturday, December 24, 2016

Director's Notes: S2E1



Katina Cazalet: Blonde with an Attitude
Sofia LaFontaine: Lab Assistant
Brennaghan Bailey: Brother of the Blonde with an Attitude
Carly Morrisey (Me): (The Wife)

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers***

The gunshot is the first thing that you as the audience hear. With the plot moving so fast... I wanted a little  confusion as to the what's, why's and how's...

After a "one year later..." to explain... we find ourselves in Katina's apartment.

The teddy bear should be a star because the mood he makes contrasts with the past murder. Then we have Kat's character on the phone. She looks like she was with somebody but is on the phone to her brother (Brenn's character). It was a quick introduction but bearing in mind that he is with the Sofia's Lab Assistant it all ties in.

"Brenn answer the fucking phone" was a significant moment in the series. Its the introduction of names. We've met Katina from season one.. as the Blondie with an Attitude.. but a name is far more personal and we learn them gradually.

What we see is that Kat's character is protective over Brenn. She depends on him. But Brenn is with  Sofia's Lab Assistant Character.

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