Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Director's Notes: S1E8


Tegan Malone: The Surprise Date
Malone MayDay: The Ex-boyfriend a/k/a the Club-owner
Carly Morrisey (Me): That Trouble Making Redhead

Episode Development:

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

So my character now focuses her revenge on the Ex-Boyfriend (of hers and Katina's Blonde with an Attitude). From as early as Episode One and the Grudge Fuck, we know that they are at odds for some reason.

The music is softer and sentimental and I wanted that to be for the entire episode so when the twist occurs it feels a little more ironic. At first the short scenes of my character texting Malone about his surprise date have my character in black and white as to play on the line, "I know that I'm your past".

As my character brings his mystery date up to Malone's hotel room (both of them blindfolded). They begin to have sex. In some shots you will see my character watching at the back of the room. Almost intent that it does happen.

After the sex scene we return to the revenge sequence of my Trouble Making Redhead character texting her Ex-Boyfriend as he discovers that he has slept with his "own flesh and blood". Like with the last episode, we have their picture on the wall of the gallery as my character's "art collection" grows.

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