Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Interview with Brenn Bailey

This item is featured in this video interview with Brenn below. If you are interested in getting a copy then click here to see the "Sexy Washing Machine" on Second Life's Market Place. A percentage of all sales will be shared with Brenn because we value his time.


Brennaghan Bailey joined the cast in Season Two as Katina's brother. He is very fun to work with as this video above shows.

In Season Two of the Revenge Series S2E1, Brenn debuts as Kat's brother and then he appears as Sindee Bluthe's personal bodyguard in Season Two Episode S2E7.

I still remember when casting him that he had a strikingly clean cut look. Just take a look at his profile picture! So anyways.... back to the Brenn!

I invited Brenn around to help me with my laundry... as you will see we had a lot to talk about..,

Carly: How did you get into acting in SL Porn?
Brenn: To be perfectly honest, i had no intention to get into it. I had become friends with a few in the industry and would have so much fun hanging out together in various clubs. Some had mentioned that from time to time they needed extras. I always love to help friends so i let them know that whenever they needed any help, big or small, give me a call. That was my stepping stone to getting into the industry.
Carly's Afterthought: He was corrupted!

Carly: What was your most memorable moment? 
Brenn: I would have to say it was my first shoot.  I remember showing up and compared to the others in the scene i felt so inadequate. Part of me thought i may ruin it completely. But the director was Erin Cedarbridge, and she was great, reassured me and when i saw the final cut, i realized, hey this is something you can do.
Carly's Afterthought: I wonder if Erin had them standing in a line inspecting them?!

Carly: Let's be brutally honest.... what was your most favorite shoot and what was your worst? 
Brenn: Every single shoot i do with Carly Morrisey is amazing. Her shoots are so organized, she knows exactly what she is looking for and she makes things fun. As far as my worst experience, I really only remember one bad one. It was a shoot that was going pretty late and one of the co stars had said a few times that she had to log. After a while she stopped responding and she needed to switch pose became pretty clear she had fallen asleep on the job.
Carly Afterthought: Directors worry about your bedtimes too!

Carly: What makes a fun co-star?

Brenn: I am a bit of a goof ball and i definitely love to joke around and have a good time during a shoot so whenever i have a co star who is the same way I love it.
Carly's Afterthought: Clowny Nerd Girls... did you hear that girls?

Do you role-play on set?
Brenn: I enjoy it. I think it gets everyone in a good frame of mind...really feel the shoot?
Carly's Afterthought: He is very professional...

Carly: You have an uber clean look (not like a taxi driver) Have you ever wanted to dress up as a biker?

Brenn: I really love the variety of looks that are out there and I  personally am turned on by quite a few of them. I like my look now quite a lot and I think it fills a niche that perhaps is missing in the industry. I do hope that it appeals to some. I dunno, do people like nice clean cut guys any more?

Carly's Afterthought: I take the Filthy Fifth

Carly: Are there any scenes that you would refuse to do?
Brenn: I don't think so. ... up to this point I have never felt uncomfortable. Thats a bridge i will cross when I come to it.

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