Monday, December 19, 2016

Director's Notes: S1E5


Katina Cazalet: The Blonde with an Attitude
Malone Mayday: The Boyfriend of The Blonde and Club-owner
Carly Morrisey (Me): The Bratty Newcomer a/k/a Miss Confrontational

Episode Development:

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

The episode opens with the usual tied to the chair narration which at this point in the season is main way that we are able to go down memory lane with my character. After that we see the Bratty Newcomer apparently waiting for the Club owner's girlfriend (Katina) to leave their apartment.

The sex scene with Malone and my character is sensual, fluid and yet sneaky on my part. Its totally selfish of my character although there are a couple of hints that Katina is watching through the window.

The scene breaks into a vicious confrontation between Katina's and my character. The music changes and shows the audience that Katina is in control in the moment. As my character is left trembling on the floor its a little over the top. This is where I do another flashback with a different pace. My character is living at home with her parents during college. I see something that I shouldn't (Katina's character with my father in the bedroom). I react angrily and Katina leading to the scene of how she arrived in the seedy part of town.

Now very often I am able to tell a story without just the narration doing it for me. I had planned a scene with Kat and my character's father but just due to constraints of timing and storytelling I chose to use narration.

The ideal scene in my head was the super successful real estate agent Katina being shown the house by my character's father. They start to flirt with each other in little nooks as Katina is shown the house. All the while I'm lost reading with my headphones on. However when they get carried away and end up in bed... I come looking for my "Dad". When I catch them I react! Katina loses her job when I tell my mother what I had witnessed.

But who knows? This scene might pop up elsewhere in the series! Coughs... Season Four!

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