Saturday, December 24, 2016

Director's Notes: S2E2


Sindee: The Head Doctor of the "Institute"
Sofia LaFontaine: The Lab Assistant
Rachel Avro: Opening Credits Wicked Nurse
Carly Morrisey (Me): Patient Zero

Episode Development: 

***Please note that the following contains spoilers***

This is certainly more of an exploration of the characters and a backstory of mine.

The music picked was cold clinical public domain music with a little suspense. We find that Sindee's character is exploring 'therapies' such as "Erotic Stimulation Therapy". This worked very well for the solo scenes of my character being "treated" in a medical setting.

Next comes the "Testimonies" of the witnesses to my characters "telepathic" lures.

This opens into the main sex scene with Sofia, as my Lab Assistant. The music turns into a chiller as mind control takes over Sofia's character. Rachel Avro opening credits suggests that my character is being subjected to all kinds of erotic experimentation.

The clinical white room and hospital office were very essential to this mood. The hospital logs that Sindee was typing is now the narration in this episode. Sofia's "testimony" of what happens with my character is showing the audience that something sinister was going on at both ends.

The final shot is Sindee taking notes over my character's sedated body. It's a sense of control but hints to something more. Since the first episode I have talked with Sindee about how her character opens out fully after a lot of teasing.  So this is the risk I took with Sindee's character. By Season Four you can see how well that her introduction paid off.

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