Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Interview with Remy Gervasi

As part of The Revenge Series we are doing fun interviews with our lead cast members.

He looks amazing in a suit and without! But lets get to know him better.

Carly: How did you get into acting in Second Life Porn?

Remy: I was asked to do a video and I enjoyed it.

Carly: You enjoyed it? Oh come on I want the dirty details!

Remy: It was fun, between shoots we were all joking around and it made it a comfortable environment and the sex was HOT!

Carly: What was your most memorable moment?

Remy: In my first movie, I was sitting at a desk and oddly enough I was watching a porn on the computer.

Carly: So what kept your attention?

Remy: The woman in the next cubicle.

Carly: What makes a fun co-star?

Remy: I like a co-star that has a good sense of humor and input on what they think might make the movie better.

Carly: Like a Sexy Clown?

Remy: Hmm, possibly if we're talking Harley Quinn.

Carly: Do you role-play on set?

Remy: I have a little bit, but I can role-play a lot if that is what people want to get in more of a seductive mood for the shoot.

Carly: You have an almost vampire look whats that about?

Remy: I don't know about a vampire look, it's masculine and a little bit on the elusive side.

Carly: Okay... although I was searching for fangs when you first cast.... but wait... we missed a big thing... the love hate tattoos.. tell us about them!

Remy: Well I once rp'd a vampire, but things got dull. I am a man of two minds..sometimes feeling loving and sometimes feeling very hateful. It was my favorite hand tattoo's I have ever seen and even tempted to get in real life.

Carly: If you had one more day in left in SL what would you want to star in?

Remy:  Whatever Carly's mind can create.

The only reason he was so sweet was because I decided to dress up as Harley Quinn....

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