Monday, December 19, 2016

Director's Notes: S1E4


Malone MayDay: The Ex-boyfriend a/k/a the Club-owner
Katina Cazalet: Blonde with an Attitude
Carly Morrisey (Me): That Trouble Making Redhead

Episode Development:

***Please note that the following contains spoilers*** 

After the opening sequence that reminds the audience that the Maid is still tied up and gagged by the Wife we cut to the backstory again. The scene opens with the aftermath of a drunken messy threesome. At this point the narration of the Wife is almost taunting the Maid as she relives her drunken night.

We see the angry drunken redhead strutting into the club that is owned by Malone's (Bad boy Club owner) character and Katina (his Blonde Vixen Girlfriend) and interrupting them having sex.

This is where I wanted to show Kat's character have an instant dislike to mine. The snarling in each others faces while Malone tries to break us up is a not so subtle hint. So when they (or more so Malone) "offer to walk my character back to her home"... what ensues is a threesome with an edge to it.

Kat's heel in the back of my character as I perform a humiliating drunken blowjob also shows that the fall from grace of my character is coming.

The music (always public domain) that I picked were two pieces. The first a very strange old time-y recording about "a pretty little rabbit" and "three trees" alluding to the drunken threesome that leads to the three characters sleeping on the floor of  my character's unpacked apartment.

In short... it was a dreamy, drunken night to forget for my character. One that made Malone's character more curious about mine. And the start of a rivalry between Katina and me.

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